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  1. GM : https://m.vk.com/away.php?to=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffile%2Fnd7uwy1g462fawl%2F%25D0%25BC%25D0%25BE%25D0%25B4.txt%2Ffile
  2. Tutor dong apa yg error Pas Di pwno Gk ada Yg error sama Sekali tapi muncul itu mode nya jadi unknown LoadGlobalTextDraws загрузился за 1 ms [16:47:49] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds" [16:47:49] [debug] Attempted to read/write array element at index 65535 in array of size 2000 [16:47:49] [debug] AMX backtrace: [16:47:49] [debug] #0 00175914 in J_AddStaticVehicleEx (model=909, Float:x=-519.84003, Float:y=2582.19995, Float:z=52.91000, Float:a=266.73999, color_1=1, color_2=1, spawntime=60000, interior=0, world=0) at C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\GM\GM\gamemodes\arizona
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